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For the real survivor.

Whether you are looking to survive an untimely predicament, car breakdown, or the next visit from your mother-in-law, we got what you need.

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Long-Term Food

Food packaged to last for over 20 years. Whether you need 3 meals, or 300.

Survival Kits

Kits from those for your car to those for an entire office, just a click away.

Tools and Tackle

Hammers, hatchets, shovels and more – ready to pack where you need it.

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All of our customers are important to us, and their reviews are critical to improve our service. Be a part of WSG Reviews by leaving your comments.

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Brian McKelvin

Youngstown, Ohio

survival gear customer

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Chattanooga, Tennessee

survival gear customer

Larry Roberts

Portland, Oregon

West Survival Gear is easy to work with… 

Highly recommend! WSG is simple to work with and the ULTIMATE complete package of friendly professionals. You will not find a better team, better products, or better support in the business.

Can’t Believe their Quality Service, It was Awesome!

Awesome shop!!! These are the best guys to work with and their service is incredible. They have a very friendly staff who are amazing and helpful. They’ll continue to get my business!

The Experience was amazing!

Their experience combined with their product knowledge and customer appreciation is unbelievable. All of the products that I bought have been the best I’ve ever purchased.

News & Updates

Get the newest West Survival Gear news and updates to stay on top of the latest and greatest. Learn new tricks, find out about current trends, and get your much needed checklists, product recommendations, and gear information.

Survive the Apocalypse Saturday: Can you survive a surgery in the apocalypse?

Survive the Apocalypse Saturday: Can you survive a surgery in the apocalypse?

The post reflects on the author’s gallbladder surgery and emphasizes the significance of sterile environments and pain management in successful operations. It also highlights challenges in a post-apocalyptic world without advanced medical resources, offering practical tips for sterilizing tools, alternative pain management strategies, basic surgical procedures, and post-surgery care. Preparation and knowledge are deemed crucial for survival in such scenarios.

West Weekly: Essential Knots for Survival and Everyday Use

West Weekly: Essential Knots for Survival and Everyday Use

Learning survival skills, such as knot tying, is essential for handling emergencies and fostering self-reliance. Key knots like the bowline, clove hitch, square knot, figure eight knot, and taut-line hitch have versatile everyday and survival applications. Paracord is a valuable survival tool due to its strength and versatility.

West Survival Gear

Urgent circumstances and other occurrences are never known to anyone prior to the event. However, people must be aware of inpromptu predicaments in their area and prepare for them. People also need to take responsibility for their own safety. Knowledge and planning is the key to overcoming any difficult time. Bug-out-bags, long-term food supply, and basic thrival gear are all part of the mix in  being able to take on any challenge.

It  is very smart to purchase a thrival kit as a fallback for any situation, but make sure that you buy one that addresses the biggest challenges in your area. For example, you would never need a life vest if you were high up in the mountains. So, buying a kit that meets your exact needs is very important. One essential thing that you will definitely need to purchase is a first aid kit. This is always a good kit to acquire. It is also really important to store your first aid supplies in a sturdy box or nylon case that is easy to carry and water proof.

In addition, another very important thing to stock up on is your food supply, your food kits, and your long term storage food. The key to this is planning and having your food supply or kit before an actual predicament happens. Once something happens, the stores are usually empty within hours. It is also very important to make sure that all of the food in your supply is not expiring or expired. Buying your kit, supplies, and tools ahead of time can really help you and your family prepare for the worst.

Another eye-opener to remember is that a blackout kit is totally different then an car kit or an office kit. Though many items are the same in many kits, a 72-hour kit for example, is designed primarily to provide you time to seek safer places or go home on foot if need be. A bug-out-bag on the other hand is a kit the with all of the essentials, including tools, blankets, food, and basic bushcraft gear, nestled in an easy to carry light weight bag designed to quickly wait things out.

West Survival Gear is the premiere place to get everything you need to stay prepared and ready for any condition. We offer top of the line food, kits, tools, gear, supplies, and more. We also offer everyday low pricing and free shipping on all orders. That’s right, we never charge you for shipping. Ever.

Some of our most needed and most purchased products include:

  • Meals Ready to Eat (MRE): These ready to eat meals have become very popular nowadays and have a shelf life of 7 years.
  • Thrival Kits: We offer a wide range of thrival kits from something so small and basic that you can carry it in your pocket to complete kits with up to a one year food supply. Some of our most popular kits include:
  1. Outdoor Supplies
  2. Pet Kit
  3. Bug-Out-Bag
  • Backpacking Food: We also provide freeze dried food in single serving foil pouches that can be used when you are hiking, camping, backpacking, or just in the outdoors. These freeze dried meals have a 20 year shelf life, and only require water and 10 minutes to eat.

  • Long Term Food Storage: Our freeze dried long term food that has a shelf life of around 30 years, if stored in a cool dark place, and is great to take with you in the wilderness or backcountry. We also offer pre-cooked canned meats for the best tasting fallback food on the market today.

West Survival Gear has been serving customers for many years with the very best products at the very best prices, and we look forward to becoming your preferred store for everything that you need.

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