Be prepared for any situation 

It is important to know what situations and events are happening in your area. Be prepared for anything nature has to throw at you. Save 10% when you buy the Preparedness Pal and Preparedness Pal for Children with Code: Prepared2021

Preparedness Pal For Adults

The Preparedness Pal for Adults  comes with the general supplies one might need to be prepared for most situations. All bags arrive filled with individually packaged materials. This kit comes in a convenient easy to store cooler bag and includes a basic hygiene kit, food and water, first aid, basic shelter, survival playing cards with helpful tips and more!

preparedness Pal For children

This kit comes with the same general supplies provided in the original Preparedness Pal. The Preparedness Pal for Children comes in matching cooler bag as our Preparedness Pal for Adults with a first aid kit, reusable mask, food and water, basic hygiene kit, and more. Kit also includes a coloring book for entertainment. 

Preparedness Pal for Adults

Preparedness Pal for Children

The better you’re prepared, the better chance you’ll have at staying on top of everything that is coming your way.”

– Colin Adams

The Preparedness Pal and Preparedness Pal for Children come with a 37 piece first aid kit as well and a sleeping bag and waterproof poncho.

Both Preparedness Pals come with water pouches, water filtration tablets, food bars, a water filtration bag with straw. 

Our Preparedness Pal and Preparedness Pal for Children come packed in a compact cooler and includes either a deck of survival cards or a coloring book and crayons.